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The Lantern House arrived in art-rich Chelsea with plenty of distinction, from Thomas Heatherwick at the architectural helm to its signature modern bay windows. Straddling this line of art and architecture, Sideways delivered the digital brand, content direction, marketing, and sales gallery experience that invoked the resident lifestyle, amplified the design vision, and celebrated the neighborhood to appeal to residential audiences seeking a luxury lifestyle in a serene setting.

Lantern House Design Card Mockup
Lantern House Business Card
Lantern House Window
Lantern House Brand Book
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Lantern House Sideways Case Study
Lantern House Logo
Lantern House Logo

Sideways led the digital creative direction, content strategy, and technical development of the teaser and full website. We created a digital experience to drive prospective inquires by highlighting the Lantern House's signature architecture, peerless amenities, and central location.

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A shining

The ultimate complement to the creative concept was the creative direction and execution of marketing and sales collateral, renderings, the sales gallery experience, exterior signage and out-of-home advertisements to fully realize the vision of being a Lantern House resident.

Lantern House Collateral Packaging
Lantern House Signage
Lantern House
Lantern House Out of Home Advertising
Lantern House
Lantern House Advertising


Sideways developed the digital and physical brand expression for the Lantern House, directing the content strategy, executing website development, and creating the comprehensive marketing and sales suite across all touchpoints from signage to sales gallery.