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A new home
for bold and

Largo’s new, Morris Adjmi designed condominium at 215 North 10th Street is Williamsburg's next notable home designed for residents on-the-rise in the center of Brooklyn's most vibrant neighborhood. Sideways created a brand that stands apart from expected real estate luxury – appealing to the doers, makers, and those who live boldly.

NX 215 N 10th St Building Exterior
NX 215 N 10th St
NX 215 N 10
NX 215 N 10th St Concept Deck

TO the
Next Level

Designed for high-performing residences with an ever-changing life, Sideways crafted a sleek and reductive typographic identity with vibrant and irreverent collages. The result is a layered and lively brand that can dial up or down to meet a diverse buyerset.

NX 215 N 10th St Building Rendering
NX 215 N 10th St Kitchen Rendering
NX 215 N 10 playing card
nx advertising
NX 215 N 10 Living Room
nx 215 n 10
nx 215 n 10th bath

The intrinsic
appeal of an

A modern, design-driven website that embraces the bold brand vision while delivering a comprehensive experience of NX's offering of flexible and amply sized residences, serene outdoor spaces and Williamsburg's cultural, culinary, recreational and entertainment scene.

nx 215 n 10 neighborhood page

Brand extensions through material and collateral met the understated, intimate, and upscale ethos of the NX spirit.

nx 215 n 10th st branding
nx 215 n 10th st stationery
nx 215 n 10th st brand book

NX's out-of-home and exterior signage invited prospective residents to envision stepping from the streets through their front door to continue practicing their passions.

nx 215 n 10
nx 215 n 10 subway
nx 215 n 10 signage

    For NX, Sideways crafted an original and bold brand identity that expressed the creative and social pulse of Williamsburg and the prospective NX resident culture – doers and makers moving through their next crossroad of life. As an intimate development focused on a tailored home life with flexible, thoughtfully-designed residences, Sideways visualized a dynamic home base for those with an evolving lifestyle – living at the intersection of upscale, occasion, the everyday, and the ambitious.