Sideways Portfolio - Logi Circle

Sideways worked with Logitech or Logi as their now know to develop the name, position and creative for Circle the companies first connected home device. 


Tune in and Reach Out with Circle, the Modern Family’s Must-Have Tech. 

How humans connect may have changed since the caveman days, but the need never has. We still need to know our families and furry friends are safe and happy. Enter Logi Circle, standing front and center as the way to always be connected to home.

Device View.jpg


In the midst of an identity transformation, Logitech was launching a new home security camera in a growing, crowded market. This called for a new, fresh appeal including naming, brand identity and a strong launch strategy.

We focused on the human need for connection to create a point of differentiation for Logi Circle. Rather than being a surveillance system—the product offered the opportunity to always feel connected and present for the moments that matter most.



How many times a day do you wonder what’s going on at home? Did your dog eat the leftovers on the kitchen table? How is the babysitter handling your baby’s obsession with the iPad?

We came up with the tagline “Don’t Miss A Thing,” to encompass the single message the brand conveys—Logi Circle lets you protect, connect and be at home, wherever you are.



“Circle is a personal home camera that you want to use.”

— Mashable