Sideways Portfolio - Logi ZeroTouch

Sideways worked with Logitech, now know as Logi on market research, brand positioning, creative go-to-market strategy for their successful hands-free car dashboard device ZeroTouch.

ZeroTouch Hero

Looking for something more taboo than a NSFW website? Try talking about texting and driving.

ZeroTouch Packaging


Finding the audience and platforms for this radical piece of tech was the core challenge we were handed. An android-only solution to texting and driving, Zerotouch was also both software and hardware, presenting some hurdles in getting through to Logi's ideal consumer.

We conducted extensive market research studies to identify the right target audience, and to determine how and where to connect with them once the product was released. Using insights about their lifestyle and buying habits, we created a blueprint for the product launch.

ZeroTouch Character Design


Our launch campaign was designed to get tech-savvy drivers excited about using Zerotouch. To dodge the inherent elements of taboo and fear in these types of conversations, we created charming, illustrated characters which anchored the messaging across multiple platforms.

ZeroTouch Point of Sale

“Sure, you could argue that a smart car can do all these things without a mount. But you know what else is smart? Hanging onto the car you’ve already got.”

— Time