Sideways Portfolio - Tamara Mellon

Sideways built an e-commerce platform for Tamara Mellon that brought high-design to a personal online shopping experience. 



Fashion it-girl, Tamara Mellon, has already spent one lifetime revolutionizing women’s footwear. But she isn’t finished.

Having already co-founded the eponymous Jimmy Choo, Tamara Mellon knows designer shoes. When she moved on to focus on her own brand, the savvy designer knew it was time to start breaking fashion’s old rules. Out with the seasonal retail lines, and in with ever-evolving, direct-to-consumer luxury. Shoe fetishists subscribe for first-access to limited run fashion capsules, released every two weeks, and benefit from personal concierge services to boot.



Tamara Mellon Hero



Positioning and Identity

Changing the Tamara Mellon business model meant truly reevaluating her customer and evolving the meaning of the brand. We pulled surveys of existing customers, ran additional qualitative and quantitative studies, and spent (a little too much) time indulging in high-end retail experiences to understand the emotional connection between a woman and her footwear. The key?


We worked to position the brand as the ultimate Casanova, crafting an updated brandmark, voice, visual guide and point-of-view.



Tamara Mellon Essentials



Breaking the Rules

Our approach to the online-only retail face of the brand eschews traditional e-commerce practices. We don’t just want the customer to buy shoes. We want her to fall in love with one item alone (not distract her with cross- or up-sells). The thrill of being spoiled doesn’t double when you push extra items on her, it halves.

The high fashion retail experience transcends mere shopping. It’s an act of seduction, a swift and heady romance — as tantalizing as an illicit affair.