Sideways Portfolio - Thompson Hotels

Sideways worked with Thompson Hotels for over 4 years spanning services such as strategic partnerships, website design and website development, social media strategy, content planning, content strategy, photography, blogging, blog partnerships, loyalty programming and eCRM.

Thompson Hotels Hero

Timelessly Bold

Dark walls, cognac caramel leather, mixed metals, bone picture frames... ahh we totally get you Thompson Hotels, and you get us. It was an honor to emulate the TH brand of dark and brooding for over five years on social, web and even in your little inbox.



We first crafted a point of view for an intentionally analog brand, then added invisible technology to make it a revenue work horse. From building the first Facebook hotel-booking app to integrating bookable content into the Room 100 blog, we sought guests where they spent the most time — on social media and editorial sites.

We then focused on the under-35 influencers that may not be guests yet, but would evangelize the brand. The New Social Order program not only spoke their language, but rewarded them for advocating the brand with incentives such as VIP event invites, access to preferred seating and services on property, in-the-know editorial and social content on the Thompson Hotels brand blog.


We framed Thompson Hotels’ sharp, finger-on-the-pulse editorial in image-forward blog layouts, and pulled that editorial into property-focused brand pages. Simple, graphic bitmap patterns complement the wide range of Thompson property photography and connect with the sought-after under-35 set. User interface features tucked away like Easter Eggs for discovering and browsing more content, and a recurring, programmatically-randomized collage of stories from the archive keep content fresh and aesthetically pleasing.

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